US Radiology has selected the latest technologies from Volpara Health’s Breast Health Platform to drive breast imaging across the network. The US Radiology and Volpara partnership expands on Volpara’s existing relationship with Charlotte Radiology to deliver breast imaging solutions designed to improve image quality, streamline workflow, and assess a patient’s breast density, company officials say.   

“Volpara is a leading provider of [artificial intelligence]-based breast image analysis software tools and has worked with Charlotte Radiology, optimizing screening operations to provide a consistent experience for doctors and quality care for patients for the past five years,” said David Kleinman, chief information officer at US Radiology.

“We’re excited the radiologist leaders of the mammography sections at our partner companies support a broader relationship with Volpara,” Kleinman adds. “The ultimate goal of this partnership is to improve mammography screening and diagnostic quality across the entire US Radiology network to provide women with the best care available.”

The Volpara Breast Health Platform includes clinical decision support tools to enable radiologists to make informed decisions about a patient’s need for supplemental imaging and/or genetic testing as part of personalized breast care. Each aspect of this platform is powered by Volpara Science—a set of clinically validated algorithms that use x-ray physics and artificial intelligence to assess breast tissue composition and imaging quality—to personalize patient care.

“We are excited to partner with US Radiology, a progressive, patient-focused healthcare organization, which like Volpara, is dedicated to delivering high-quality, patient-centric care,” adds Katherine Singson, CEO of Volpara Health. “As one of the leading physician-led radiology practice networks in the country, US Radiology is uniquely positioned to help drive the adoption of risk-based breast cancer screening programs and empower women in their breast health journey.”