Nonprofit organization MITRE Corp. and Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic announce a strategic relationship to improve public health outcomes. The organizations will work together to conduct research and development on common data elements for oncology, cardiology, and COVID-19.

“MITRE and Mayo Clinic’s combined expertise in digital health will develop new ways to address some of healthcare’s most challenging problems,” says Jay Schnitzer, MD, PhD, MITRE’s chief technology and medical officer. “I look forward to working together to use new platforms to improve research for cancer, cardiology, and COVID-19, as well as other infectious disease.”

“Defining common data elements will help transform how we approach cancer and chronic disease, facilitating additional research,” adds John Halamka, MD, president, Mayo Clinic Platform.

The collaborative research will further the development of platforms for intelligent automation, including mCODE and mCARD, common data standards for oncology and cardiology to improve quality and coordination of patient care. MITRE and Mayo will also work together to create a platform, known as mCOVID, to support planning, containment, and mitigation of COVID-19, which will be adaptable for potential future pandemics.

MITRE and Mayo Clinic co-chair the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition of more than 1,000 private sector, non-profit, and academic organizations, providing data-driven insights and research to help save lives. This strategic relationship is an additional collaboration to advance digital health and improve patient outcomes.