San Francisco-based software company Sirona Medical announces partnerships with radiology practices across the country to develop and bring to market its radiology operating system (RadOS). Sirona’s collaboration with five leading national practices including California Advanced Imaging Medical Associates (CAIMA), Hackensack Radiology Group, Triad Radiology Group, among others, represents a milestone for Sirona’s mission to advance medical imaging.

The growing shortage of radiologists and the increasing volume of diagnostic studies, coupled with shrinking reimbursement, have placed radiology practices under enormous pressure. Designed to unify fragmented radiology IT systems, Sirona’s cloud-native platform aims to streamline workflow and boost the speed at which radiologists can read, diagnose, and report.

The fully integrated Workspace, embedded with machine learning tools, allows radiologists to focus on the image and patient diagnosis rather than managing disparate technological components. This saves radiologists time and supports the delivery of high-quality reports, essential to practice referrals and reimbursements.

“Radiologists have a rare combination of medical and technical acumen, yet the technology provided to us thus far has only slowed us down, increasing opportunity for errors and in turn, decreasing our overall job satisfaction,” says Jay Kaiser, MD, president, and medical director of CAIMA/North Orthopedic Imaging Associates. “We’re incredibly excited to partner with Sirona, help develop the RadOS platform, and implement a solution that we believe will revolutionize the practice of radiology as we know it today.”

Sirona Medical was founded in 2018 to build a new kind of IT system for radiology—free of historical design limitations—that relieves the pressures radiologists face by unifying existing radiology IT applications, worklist, viewer, and reporter, into a single, radiologist-centric platform. In 2020, when the company captured $22.5 million in Series A and A-1 financing it underscored the vast opportunities for cloud-based solutions and artificial intelligence to transform radiology. The funding round, led by 8VChelped Sirona expand business operations.

“It’s clear that to deliver on the promise of AI, we need to start by rebuilding the IT infrastructure in radiology,” says Francisco Gimenez, partner, 8VC. “Sirona’s deep radiology expertise combined with its AI and cloud-based tools make the company uniquely positioned to improve the efficiency of radiology practices and address the market demand for technology-enhanced, real-time image interpretation.”

“For far too long, radiology IT vendors have operated in silos, forcing highly-skilled radiologists to spend more time wrestling with inefficient technologies than on improving patient care,” adds Cameron Andrews, CEO of Sirona Medical. “Our platform enables radiologists to keep their eyes focused on the medical image, helping them uncover critical findings for faster diagnosis and better patient outcomes.”

Featured image: Sirona’s cloud-native medical imaging platform.