Israel-based Medic Vision announces that it has received clearance from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety administration (KFDA) and signed a partnership agreement with Nuclear Light Industry (NLI) ltd for selling iQMR in Korea. NLI ltd. will be operating as a licensed distributor of Medic Vision’s iQMR, an image enhancement solution allowing fast MRI scans and enhanced image quality for increased MRI productivity, fewer repeating scans, and improved patients’ experience.

iQMR enables the use of short MRI protocols by substantially increasing SNR and the quality of the acquired images. Since its launch in 2018, this vendor-neutral system has been in routine use at imaging centers across the U.S., Israel, China, and Brazil providing scan time reduction on scanners of all vendors, ranging from older 0.7T to the newest 3T.

“We are excited to enter the Korean market by signing a strategic partnership with NLI ltd,” says Eyal Aharon, CEO of Medic Vision. “NLI has a proven record of over 30 years in leading the radiology business in South Korea. Korea is one of the leading countries in adopting advanced technologies for its medical services, and we are proud that Medic Vision and iQMR were approved by KFDA after a thorough evaluation, to empower medical imaging centers in Korea. Our partnering with NLI, together with our strategic partnerships in China and other countries affirm our commitment to global expansion”.

Chung Young-Seob, CEO of NLI, adds: “As one of the prominent innovative organizations in South Korea, we are bound to bring the most advanced technologies to our market, whether by our own R&D or by strategic partnerships with technology pioneers as Medic Vision in radiology software. Today, MRI systems are usually associated with high capital costs that can introduce a hurdle to adding additional MRI system or replacing the existing MRI system with a better one.”

“In this regard, Medic Vision’s iQMR will allow Korean medical imaging centers increased cost-efficiency by scanning more scans a day, more patients a day while enhancing its clinical image results—without replacing their current scanners,” Young-Seob says. “This partnership reinforces NLI’s continued effort for better, safer, and more affordable patient care in South Korea.”