Philips Speech Processing, Andover, Mass, has introduced the third-generation SpeechMike audio recording device, designed to improve dictation accuracy.

Accurate dictation is among the keys to producing high-quality, useable imaging reports. The new product line includes an antimicrobial surface and noise-reduction technology that almost completely eliminates noise interference, resulting in a distinct improvement in the accuracy of voice recognition systems. 

The system also includes ergonomically friendly elements, including increased dictation function buttons, a newly positioned trackball with a laser sensor, and an integrated LED indicator that shows users the current recording status in different colors.

In addition, the third-generation SpeechMike series integrates with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition solution from Nuance and is compatible with Philips’ other speech management solutions—SpeechExec Pro Dictate and Philips Remote Device Manager. 

The new generation of SpeechMike will be available in two versions—push button or slide switch—beginning in September 2010. All designs are also available with a barcode scanner, so information can be read directly from patient or client files and assigned with exact precision to the relevant file.

Visit Philips Dictation online for more information.

(Source: Press Release)