Based on its recent analysis of the global intelligent imaging analysis systems market, Frost & Sullivan recognized RapidAI with the 2020 Global Growth, Innovation & Leadership Frost Radar Award for its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning enabled stroke platform. The solution is a one-stop shop for healthcare providers looking to standardize stroke and aneurysm care and improve patient health outcomes.

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The Growth Innovation Leadership (GIL) best practice award recognition is bestowed upon companies that are market leaders at the forefront of innovation. These companies consolidate or grow their leadership position by continually innovating and creating new products and solutions that serve the evolving needs of the customer base. In addition, these companies are also best positioned to expand the market by strategically broadening their product portfolio.

“RapidAI’s platform has revolutionized stroke and aneurysm care by providing clinicians with clinically validated insights aimed at improving patient care and outcomes,” says Neeraj Nitin Jadhav, senior research analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “While RapiaAI is a showcase of technology innovation and swift growth, it also earned the 2020 Global Growth, Innovation & Leadership Frost Radar Award for its strategic path to continue to shape the intelligent imaging market.”

A highly modular platform, Rapid comprises numerous solutions such as Rapid ASPECTS, Rapid CTA, Rapid LVO, Rapid CTP, Rapid ICH, Rapid MRI, RapidAI Insights, and SurgicalPreview. Rapid ICH quickly triages NCCT scans to identify suspected intracranial hemorrhages (ICH), Rapid ASPECTS automatically identifies regions of the brain and generates a score to help physicians assess patient eligibility for thrombectomy. Rapid CTA and Rapid LVO enable physicians to identify suspected large vessel occlusions (LVOs), and Rapid CTP can help assess salvageable brain tissue through quantified and color-coded CT perfusions maps. SurgicalPreview provides comprehensive cerebral aneurysm management, automating the workflow from the initial assessment to growth monitoring and treatment planning. The Rapid Mobile and Web apps enable streamlined communication and workflow across treatment teams and hospitals for faster treatment and decisions. All the data from the Rapid platform feeds into RapidAI Insights, a powerful analytics solution that provides metrics to help hospital sites and systems deliver standardized care and make more informed business decisions.

“The RapidAI platform is commercially available in more than 60 countries,” says Jadhav. “Its presence in 1,600+ hospitals across the globe and its suitability for hospitals of all sizes augurs well for its adoption among developed, developing, and emerging countries.”

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