Izotropic Corporation, based in Surrey, British Columbia, has been issued a U.S. patent entitled “Biopsy Systems for Breast Computer Tomography.” The patent covers the use of Izotropic’s dedicated Breast CT Imaging System for robotic guided biopsy, giving physicians the ability to image and obtain samples of suspicious lesions and tumors for pathology testing.

Compared to conventional methods of locating and getting a biopsy from a suspected tumor, which may involves multiple type of imaging, including 2D mammograms, ultrasound, and possibly tomosynthesis or MRI, the Izotropic Breast CT Biopsy System takes advantage of true 3D imaging capabilities comparable to MRI and would allow a suspicious lesion or tumor to be located in three dimensions during a diagnostic test and then immediately biopsied. This would reduce the timeline to diagnosis and minimize or eliminate additional imaging tests and medical appointments required to diagnose breast cancer. This may also decrease costly follow-up appointments and false-positive biopsy results. These false positives are where a suspicious lesion or tumor found on breast imaging that was thought to be cancerous was then determined to be benign after pathology testing of a biopsy sample.

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Featured image: images captured with the Izotropic Breast CT Imaging System. Images on the left (a) are taken before contrast injection. Images on the right (b) are post-contrast injection.