Modern Vascular, a medical group dedicated to preventing amputation through the treatment of peripheral artery disease (PAD) in the lower leg, is expanding its national footprint with the opening of its newest office in Southaven, Miss. Modern Vascular will begin consultations for patients experiencing symptoms of PAD immediately and will begin interventional radiology treatments for qualified patients in Southaven and the Greater Memphis area in early August. 

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) affects approximately 8 million to 12 million Americans. Furthermore, studies show that African Americans are at a far higher risk for PAD—up to 30% higher—than the rest of the population, underscoring the need to bring interventional radiology treatments to the region. In addition, the rate of lower limb amputation due to PAD is high, as is the rate of death following amputation: nearly 50% after one year, with the highest incidence of PAD-related amputation occurring in non-white populations.

“PAD and associated amputations are at an epidemic level in this country, and the crisis is even more alarming in the under-served African-American community,” says Yury Gampel, CEO, Modern Vascular. “Our below-the-knee and below-the-ankle procedures give patients alternatives to these amputations. We are really proud to bring these options to Southaven, where the need is great.”  

Senior citizens or those with a history of diabetes, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol may be at risk for PAD. 

Michael Lyons, MD, Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon at Foot Health Centers, is particularly excited by the investment Modern Vascular is making. “Having a Modern Vascular clinic in the community means that my PAD patients will have a local option to avoid lower leg amputation, and since the procedures are performed at a dedicated out-patient facility there is a lowered exposure to infectious disease and reduced cost vs. other treatment options,” says Lyons. “Everyone wins.”

Stephen Leschak, MD, will serve as managing physician and lead vascular interventional radiologist at Modern Vascular of Southaven, Miss. He is an expert in arterial and venous peripheral vascular disease, interventional oncology, and hepatobiliary disease.

“Over the course of my career, I have seen a paradigm shift in the way Peripheral Artery Disease is treated, with minimally invasive therapies becoming the standard of care,” says Leschak. “I am proud to help Modern Vascular bring this option to Southaven, and help reduce the community’s risk for lower limb amputation.”