Israel-based Medic Vision, a global provider of image enhancement solutions for medical imaging, and Hummingbird Medical Technology Co. Ltd., a provider of medical imaging solutions and services, announce that Medic Vision iQMR™ was cleared by the China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA). iQMR, an AI-assisted technology, enables the use of fast MRI protocols on MRI scanners, by substantially increasing SNR and enhancing image quality.

iQMR has been implemented in six hospitals in China for a trial during 2020 and has shown satisfying results providing MRI scan-time reduction of approximately 35% while maintaining image quality of routine, long protocols. These capabilities allowed the hospitals to reach an average of up to 60 daily patients for MRI scans per scanner, a 25% increase of their capacity before iQMR implementation.

“Receiving China NMPA approval following extensive rigorous evaluation, is a major milestone for Medic Vision, as it opens the Chinese medical imaging market—the fastest-growing in the world,” says Eyal Aharon, CEO of Medic Vision. “Our AI-assisted technology is already in use at over 500 global hospitals and medical centers, enhancing the performance of MRI scanners of all vendors. This approval reaffirms iQMR capabilities for reducing MRI scam-time while sustaining image quality and validating its substantial results.”

Tan Jin Kun, CEO of Hummingbird Medical Technology Co. Ltd, also praised the NMPA clearance of iQMR. “We look forward to offering our customers, leading medical centers across China, the most innovative solution to increase their throughput, provide more MRI scans every day, and allow more patients to receive the best diagnostic value, much faster,” Jin Kun adds. “China is a global leader in embracing new medical technologies and we are proud to facilitate these technologies to enhance the well-being and medical care in China.”