Insignia Medical Systems, a UK-based enterprise imaging provider, announces that it has been acquired by Montreal-based medical imaging management solutions provider Intelerad Medical Systems. The deal signals an important step in expanding next-generation imaging solutions and resources to help modernize hospital trusts across the UK, company officials say.

With the backing of Intelerad, a global company with more than 600 employees, Insignia is expected to deepen its resources, enhance its technology, and expand its footprint, enabling the company to rapidly respond to the changing needs of the UK’s healthcare sector. 

“Since our founding, our team has not only delivered innovative technology to our customers, but also a high level of expertise and customer care,” says Richard Dormer, managing director of Insignia. “Having been dedicated to the UK since day one, we pride ourselves on meeting the unique needs of hospitals and health systems based here. We ensure our customers receive direct, high-speed access to our UK-based support and engineering teams, as well as our leadership team. In other words, when you call us, you get someone who understands what you need, the system you’re working on, and how to help you.”

What’s more, he says, “Joining forces with Intelerad equips us with even greater opportunities to offer best-in-class resources and technologies to our healthcare customers.” 

The UK healthcare system is facing an aging and growing population, evolving healthcare needs including an increase in obesity and diabetes, and challenges around costs of healthcare. Many of these factors are leading to the UK experiencing a significant increase in demand for diagnostic imaging. Now more than ever, clinicians need a cross-enterprise imaging solution that enables them to keep up with the volume of imaging needed while simultaneously improving collaboration that aids in delivering higher-quality care in less time, at a lower expense. 

Mike Lipps, Intelerad’s CEO, also spoke out about the partnership, commenting: “With solutions such as InSight PACS, which is focused on the [British National Health Service] and local private healthcare providers, Insignia is able to deliver vast benefits to hundreds of hospitals throughout the region. We are excited to work alongside Insignia as we collectively aim to further provide UK hospitals with the solutions they need to improve key clinical outcomes, while simultaneously offering unparalleled support and service.”