Finland-based Detection Technology, has released the X-Panel 1615 to increase image-guided surgery and dental scan capabilities. The X-Panel 1615 is a CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) x-ray flat panel detector series that powers stringent medical imaging solutions. It has extra features that are application-fitted for x-ray systems with slender form-factors and state-of-the-art imaging performance.

“The X-Panel 1615 enhances both patients’ and healthcare professionals’ experience and safety and eases the system design for faster time-to-market and notable total cost savings. The X-Panel 1615 provides X-rays with the largest active area in its class. It realizes high quality, low-dose imaging at fast scanning speeds. Moreover, all this added value comes with compact, lightweight mechanics for flexibility and ease of use. The X-Panel 1615 can be easily integrated into small system form factors,” says Product Manager Jyri Tolonen.

For greater digital imaging, the X-Panel 1615 is available in two models that are optimized to application-specific requirements and offer use-case-driven add-on features. The X-Panel 1615s, which features in-built functions for extra image stability in long fluoroscopic scans, is a perfect fit for mini C-arms systems used in the surgical field. In turn, the X-Panel 1615d comes with the capability to scan full frames at record speeds, up to 66 fps, yet the data transmission is secured through the GigE data interface. This is made possible by a specific scan-to-buffer mode, which offers completely new scanning options for dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and panoramic imaging.

Both models come with a large active area of 161 mm by 150 mm. This improves diagnosis by allowing full-sized and detailed images of clinically relevant anatomy to be viewed, minimizes the required scanning time and overall radiation dose, and streamlines workflows during surgical operations and dental treatments.

“We have built the solution on a reliable and easily scalable CMOS platform, which allows for uncompromised designs. Our CMOS imaging sensor design sets a new golden standard for high scanning speed and superior image quality, even with ultra-low radiation doses. The solution is powered by a 100-micrometer dual range pixel, and a programmable 14-bit ADC for fast, low noise, high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion. We are especially proud of our solution’s DQE (detective quantum efficiency) performance at higher spatial frequencies and ultra-low doses. 70% DQE(0) and over can be easily measured with regular frame doses that need no compromises, even with ultra-low frame doses.”

The X-Panel 1615 has an in-built pixel correction functionality that frees up the system resources for actual image construction. For improved image stability, the detector solution has a correlated double sampling (CDS) functionality to remove the effects of undesired offset.

The X-Panel 1615 samples will be available in the second half of 2020.

For more information, visit Detection Technology.