productSoftcopy QA Management System
BarcoView (Duluth, Ga.) has added new bi-directional functionality to MediCal Administrator, its hospital-based softcopy QA management system. This feature enables administrators to access all medical display systems from their own or other workstations connected to the same network, rather than from each individual station. The software also allows the setting of proactive checks (by means of the automated QA check) to the standards adopted in the medical facility or country from any network-connected workstation. For more information, contact BarcoView at 678-475-8000 or visit their website at

productX-ray Shielding
Nuclear Associates (Hicksville, N.Y.) is offering CLEAR-Pb Lead-Plastic Shielding, which is shatter-resistant and transparent, in pre-packaged sizes and configurations. Modular X-ray Control Booths are available in all-inclusive kits ready for installation. These kits will accommodate a wide variety of space requirements. The configurations include the space-saving, one-section Majestic (model 56-990) Control Booth Kit, the two-section Crown (model 56-991), the larger, two-section Salon (model 56-993) or the top-of-the-line three-section Royale (model 56-992). For more information, contact: Nuclear Associates at 888-466-8257 or visit their website at

productGenerator Control Console
Control-X Medical Inc. (Columbus, Ohio) is offering a new generator control console to its hospital grade Medical X-ray Diagnostic Equipment line. The new control is initially offered with the Milestone High Frequency Generator line (30kW to 80 kW). The new console utilizes a large graphic LCD display with push buttons and dials to refine technique parameters during radiographic exams. The console is operational in manual mode or with the 112 preset anatomical program parameters. For more information, contact Control-X at 614-777-9729 or visit their website at

productAisle Security
Spacesaver Corp. (Fort Atkinson, Wis.) is offering a device that limits aisle access in its powered mobile storage systems. TouchPad is compatible and can be retrofitted to most existing Power Assist mobile storage systems as well as the PowerPro system. To gain aisle access, an authorized user enters a four-digit code on the 10-digit keypad on the end of the aisle. Upon leaving the aisle, the user closes the aisle with a “system close” button at the end of the module. This new option will help healthcare facilities meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy regulations. For more information, contact Spacesaver at 800-492-3434 or visit their website at

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