See-Mode and Clear Medical Imaging collaborate to improve workflow and diagnostic accuracy in ultrasound imaging

Clear Medical Imaging, a provider of radiology services and an independent healthcare provider in Ontario, Canada, announces partnership with See-Mode Technologies to adopt See-Mode—an artificial intelligence (AI) software application that assesses ultrasound images, detects clinical pathologies, and builds a complete report based on that information. According to the company, the partnership will be implemented in phases, initially with the roll-out of See-Mode’s vascular product followed by the breast and thyroid later this year.

“Clear Medical Imaging’s goal is to provide leading radiology imaging services, quality, and compassionate, patient-centered care. We are committed to investing in new and innovative technologies that will improve the level of care for our patients,” says Manish Chadda, CEO and chairman of the Clear Medical Imaging board. “We were drawn to See-Mode’s commitment to performance improvements with their AI-enhanced reporting application.”

According to the company, one challenge facing the healthcare industry in Canada is a shortage of ultrasound technologists. The workflow technology created through the use of See-Mode at Clear Medical Imaging is said to assist in mitigating this shortage. Leaders shared that See-Mode will aid clinicians at Clear Medical Imaging with the interpretation, analysis, and reporting of ultrasound studies.

“The detection and accurate classification of clinical pathologies, such as vascular stenoses or thyroid nodules, is critical to determining the treatment our patients require,” explained Michael Reinkober, CEO of Clear Medical Imaging. “The adoption of See-Mode’s technology will help us to improve the quality of care we provide to our customer’s and the workflow experience of our team.”
“Clear Medical Imaging’s dedication to improving ultrasound services aligns strongly with that of See-Mode’s,” added Milad Mohammadzadeh, Co-founder of See-Mode. “See-Mode’s AI models are able to aid in the interpretation of ultrasound images, removing some of the manual steps from the reporting process. Allowing clinicians to spend more time with their patients and lift the overall performance of the team.”