Imaging Biometrics LLC (IB), a subsidiary of IQ-AI Limited and a leader in quantitative imaging analysis for brain tumor diagnosis and treatment, has taken its suite of products online via Arterys’s medical AI platform. The products include IB Neuro, an MRI dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) perfusion solution; IB DCE; IB’s Delta T1 mapping algorithm; and IB Diffusion.

This non-exclusive agreement allows Arterys’s global customer base to access IB’s solutions for trial and purchase on the Arterys Marketplace.

“Imaging Biometrics sets a high bar for other medical AI innovators,” says Arterys CEO John Axerio-Cilies. “We’re excited to bring their algorithms online to the Arterys Marketplace and deliver the tremendous clinical value they create to oncologists and cancer patients across North America and Europe.” 

“We are delighted to make our products available to the doctors at hospitals around the world who are already connected to the Arterys platform and look forward to providing sophisticated imaging solutions to benefit clinicians and their patients,” says Michael Schmainda, CEO of IB. “The automated and proven accuracy of our solutions are immediately available for trial or purchase through the Arterys platform, and we look forward to expanding the use of our solutions to a much larger customer base.” 

For more information, visit Arterys and Imaging Biometrics.