The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) has launched a new education program designed to educate, train, and develop individuals with a pharmacy or chemistry background in the production and release of clinical radiopharmaceuticals. This program is known as the Quality Systems Personnel Training Program (QSPTP).

“The manufacture and ongoing production of radiopharmaceuticals for clinical evaluation and use is dependent on skilled personnel who are cross-trained in several disciplines,” says Alan Packard, PhD, SNMMI past president. “Currently, there are very few individuals with this type of training. To meet the growing need for ‘qualified persons’ of this nature, SNMMI has developed a training program to cover the core competencies needed in this area of our field.”

The QSPTP—a project conceived and led by Sally Schwarz, MS, RPh, BCNP, FAPhA—will provide chemists and radiopharmacists with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to assume responsibility for production, quality control, and release of radiopharmaceuticals. Topics in the program include production and quality assurance, synthesis and clinical formulation of radiopharmaceuticals, regulatory requirements, and research applications. 

Experiential training at cGMP manufacturing sites will also be incorporated into the program. Individuals successfully completing the QSPTP will receive a certificate of training. In the future, SNMMI plans to collaborate with academic institutions to expand the program to include hands-on training in a production environment.

“Having more professionals trained in the release of clinically important radiopharmaceuticals will benefit both academic and commercial entities,” says Packard. “We hope that the Quality Systems Personnel Training Program will provide a solid educational framework so that more individuals will become ‘qualified persons’ and will help to advance the field of radiopharmaceutical science.”