In May, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) reached out to members to ascertain the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global radiology practice. Members were asked to share their concerns, insights, and predictions in order to help guide the development of RSNA programs and services that will meet their needs while managing this sustained crisis.

“As the premier membership organization in the field of radiology, RSNA continually looks for opportunities to serve our members and to provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to become leaders in their specialties,” says Bruce G. Haffty, MD, chair of the RSNA Board of Directors. “This pandemic has presented unique challenges to the radiology community, and RSNA has led the way in publishing COVID-19 imaging research and developing educational and best practice materials to support radiology professionals during this unprecedented time in modern healthcare.”

More than 2,400 radiologists from around the world responded to RSNA’s survey. Results include data from six geographic regions, made up of 92 countries, covering 28 subspecialties in both academic and private practice. Members expressed their current concerns during the pandemic, outlooks for the immediate future, and the current state of pandemic management in their facilities and institutions.

Most members said the imaging volume at their facilities/institutions were reduced by 25% to 75% due to COVID-19 and that they are now in the beginning of the post-peak stage of the pandemic as they start to resume nonurgent imaging. Their top concerns are health and safety and the financial impact of the pandemic.

Optimistically, RSNA members believe the biggest opportunity to make an impact is by developing workflows to enable imaging under new safety guidelines and by using imaging to help prioritize patients for treatment.

As shown in other RSNA surveys, journal articles remain the clear preference as the leading source of COVID-19 information. From early on, RSNA has been a global leader in disseminating information and the latest research on COVID-19 through its scientific journals, webinars, podcasts, case collections and guidance documents. 

The RSNA COVID-19 Radiology Market Research Report for Industry is available to provide key insights for business professionals within the radiology community.

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