PTSS patent device by Safely Covered is said to prevent infections during CT and MRI scans

Safely Covered announces the launch of its most recent product, PTSS patent device. According to the company, the device is designed for CT and MRI procedures to prevent the spread of hospital acquired infections and other nosocomial infections.

Leaders of the Southern California medical device company say they have spent 17 years developing the device that is now available to healthcare providers within the U.S.

“The transmission of nosocomial infections demonstrates why there is a high demand for disinfection. However, hygiene procedures can vary based on public or private radiology departments,” explain medical professionals.

According to the National Library of Medicine, “Disinfection and sterilization in hospitals, is of increasing concern.” Nosocomial infections often occur within the first 48 hours of admission and are “associated with morbidity, mortality, and increased financial burden.”

Science Direct explains that, “Due to the overuse of the germicides in disinfectants, bacteria and viruses will mutate and become immune or resistant to the current products that are being used to date.”