CMAJ, from the Canadian Medical Group, published a case study showing the lung ultrasound findings of a 64-year-old woman with COVID-19.

“Our images are similar to the lung ultrasound findings of Peng and colleagues regarding COVID-19. However, similar findings were also described in influenza A (H1N1) pneumonia,” the authors wrote. “We propose that lung ultrasonography may be useful in the workup of patients with suspected COVID-19, even though differentiating between different causes of viral pneumonia is not possible.”

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Featured image: Lung ultrasound of a 64-year-old female health care worker with no travel history, on day 10 after symptom onset. The lung point-of-care ultrasound shows pleural thickening (right lung: green box); subpleural consolidation, also known as “skip lesion” (left upper lung: blue box); and multifocal B-lines (left lung: red box). The chest radiograph shows bilateral infiltrates. Credit CMAJ.