Hear our panelists discuss the challenges they faced in Enterprise Imaging and the influence cloud-native innovation had in advancing their Imaging strategies.

Perspectives from the Experts

Statrad is a nighthawk teleradiology service from NucleusHealth with 85 radiologists that read about a million and a half studies a night. Claude Hooton’s strategy was to focus on three critical areas: speed, performance for the radiologists, and scalability to grow a company. He focused on giving radiologists the performance needed without buying new hardware. Cloud allowed them to do that.

Bronson Healthcare is a mid-sized healthcare provider in southwest Michigan with about 8500 employees and four hospitals. The goal for Bronson was to look at a current enterprise imaging system and envision where to take the current architecture in the next 3, 5 and 7 years using a shared governance model between stakeholders and IT. They needed to solve the storage issues of an aging data center. The goal was to migrate or move the data center to shrink the footprint.

Kyle Henson, a former PACS administrator of a large IDN enterprise imaging department with more than 70 hospitals was a sceptic of cloud at first. He had to solve the problem of never-ending upgrades with a solution that was as fast as on-prem, secure, and most importantly, offer the latest patches and versions. He had to personally research cloud computing to understand cloud-native technology and why it is different. It was designed solely to utilize the elasticity or the additional resources that cloud offers moving data differently and smarter.

Watch The Webinar And Learn More About:

  • The advantages of cloud-native architecture
  • Security In The Cloud
  • Cloud Migration Considerations
  • Tips For Evaluating Cloud Imaging Vendors

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