At the OR Manager Conference, held this week in Nashville, Tenn, Olympus will feature several imaging and surgical products, including the company’s next-generation system for the integrated operating suite called EasySuite 4K; its MedPresence system for real-time sharing of procedural imagery, applications, and in-room frame of reference; the OrbEye 4K-3D video microscope; and its newest technology, dubbed the FlexDex Needle Driver, designed for use in minimally invasive procedures across many specialties.


Olympus OrbEye 4K 3D microscope.

The EasySuite 4K solution enables surgical and interventional clinicians to connect with the native and uncompressed visual insights derived from legacy, HD, and ultra-high definition medical sources to streamline pre-, intra-, and post-operative clinician workflows. Its simplified access to visual insights can provide more effective and efficient decision making throughout the continuum of care.

MedPresence provides real-time sharing of procedural imagery, applications, and in-room frame of reference, to create a context-rich, immersive experience, according to the company. The system is intended to empower surgical and care teams to quickly and securely connect to clinical specialists, technicians, trainers, or manufacturer’s representatives from across the organization or around the world, and at any time—virtually.

The Orbeye 4K-3D video microscope continues to be poular among surgeons, nurses and the entire surgical staff, Olympus officials say, thanks to its “heads up” technology that allows for the entire team to view, and better anticipate, the surgeon’s work in magnified sections of the anatomy, an important measure for “smooth” procedures. Additionally, the video capture is displayed on a 55” big screen, in real time, and with 26-times magnification.

Finally, Olympus is shining a light on its latest technology, the FlexDex Needle Driver. Through the recent distribution agreement, Olympus will leverage its innovative 3D laparoscopic imaging technology with FlexDex’s wristed needle-driver for intuitive control in minimally invasive procedures across many specialties. This combination technology can provide a suitable alternative to the costs and constrictions associated with a robotic investment, according to the company.