Nines Radiology, Palo Alto, Calif., is introducing a digital ad campaign that emphasizes how the company’s approach to radiology can take the worry out of imaging issues. Titled “Peace of Mind,” the digital ad campaign highlights how the company’s behind-the-scenes innovation leads to increased workflow efficiencies and system uptime, reducing turnaround times and delayed diagnoses. 

“We understand that healthcare centers are experiencing an accelerated number of scan volumes and complexity,” says Mike Kelleher, MD, president and CEO of Nines Radiology. “Traditional teleradiology services just don’t have the capability to manage this amount of work, leading to significant stress and burnout for radiologists. For healthcare facilities, it means delays in diagnoses and lost revenues.”

According to the company, the “Peace of Mind” ad campaign aims to remind hospitals and imaging centers of how the Nines way can help ease most of their imaging concerns. “Peace of Mind” will target two regions and several states, which include: Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Nines is a Silicon Valley-based teleradiology practice that leverages machine learning and cloud computing to build some of the latest advances in radiology practice. For example, the company’s FDA-cleared AI alert system can signal Nines’ team of radiologists of emergent findings in ~15 seconds. 

The “Peace of Mind” ad campaign is the first in a series of marketing and communications initiatives that Nines is executing in 2021.