At the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, MaxQ AI and GE Healthcare announced that MaxQ’s Accipio artificial intelligence (AI) platform will now be a part of GE Healthcare’s CT Smart Subscription offering. GE Healthcare’s Smart Subscription provides customers with continuous access to the latest imaging software updates, through an available automatic download to their CT scanners from the cloud.

As a Smart Subscription offering, hospitals with GE Healthcare CTs can integrate MaxQ’s Accipio platform, of which Accipio Ix intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) detection software is now available, to support an acute-care physician’s ability to identify and prioritize brain bleed stroke or head trauma.

“Building on our successful collaboration with world-class GE Healthcare, we are pleased that our Accipio intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) detection software has been fully integrated as a function of the Smart Subscription platform,” says Gene Saragnese, chairman and CEO of MaxQ AI. “This will also enable hospitals and acute-care providers, who are looking to bring the power of our AI-enabled solutions into their emergency rooms, to seamlessly add these new capabilities into the workflow of their existing GE Healthcare CTs, and to standardize these capabilities to future new technology they acquire.”

GE Healthcare’s Smart Subscription is a service that supports the integration and deployment of advancements, such as AI-enabled offerings, to keep CT scanners current and reduce variability. Moreover, Smart Subscription offers flexible options for budgeting, giving healthcare entities the opportunity to standardize applications across all CT units, and select the applications they need, with an option to add or remove applications at any time.

“The Accipio platform offers deep clinical insight and actionable data in minutes, helping physicians make faster, more accurate assessments of stroke and intracranial hemorrhage,” says Saad Sirohey, general manager, Global MICT Digital and Clinical Applications for GE Healthcare. “We are proud to offer this technology to our customers as a part of Smart Subscription, an Edison-powered service, which provides access to all the latest CT device software—all the time—for one fee per device, per year.”

Accipio Ix, which has received both U.S. FDA clearance and CE Mark certification, leverages artificial intelligence technology to automatically analyze non-contrast head CT images. The AI-powered Accipio Ix, part of MaxQ’s Accipio INSIGHT platform, is designed to be sensitive to the presence of ICH, identifying and prioritizing patients with a brain bleed for the treating physician. It provides a capability for rapid escalation and prioritization of the patient and can be integrated into CT and PACS technologies using the imaging industry-standard DICOM—installed both on-premise—and in the future, cloud-capable.