Izotropic Corporation, based in Vancouver, Canada, has been issued U.S. Patent No. 10,548,549, “Measuring Breast Density Using Breast Computed Tomography” for a 20-year term. The patent covers the use of the Izotropic’s Breast CT Imaging System to measure breast density.

“An accurate assessment of breast density is necessary to better understand a woman’s risk for getting breast cancer. With two-dimensional mammography, the dense tissues in the breast tend to overlap each other, preventing the radiologist from making an accurate assessment of breast density,” says Izotropic principal founder and director John Boone, PhD. “With truly 3D breast computed tomography, the glandular areas on each of the thin CT images can be assessed using a computer algorithm. Summing all the glandular volumes for the entire breast CT study allows a very accurate assessment of breast density. Because the computer algorithm can determine the glandular fraction of the breast quantitatively, the estimation of breast density using breast CT is more accurate and precise than the subjective values determined during radiologist interpretation of mammograms.”

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