A new white paper from the ASRT Foundation outlines ways radiologic technologists and radiologists can increase collaboration to improve patient care. Developed by a subcommittee of the Foundation’s Health Care Industry Advisory Council, “Patient Safety and Quality in Medical Imaging: The Radiologic Technologists’ Role” highlights best practices and recommendations focused on three areas in the medical imaging environment: workplace staffing, technology gaps, and workplace culture. The information provides medical imaging departments with practical steps they can take to ensure radiologic technologists have the tools and support they need to perform their jobs.

In addition to improving collaboration between radiologic technologists and radiologists, the subcommittee recommended developing department staffing policies and procedures to facilitate safe patient care.
Gaps in understanding new technology also garnered attention. For example, the committee identified computer literacy, basic principles of imaging with digital equipment, comfort level with technology, and equipment manufacturers’ lack of consistent equipment terminology as prime issues that challenge departments.

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