Volpara Solutions recently launched VolparaAnalytics version 1.2, an updated version of its quality assurance tool for breast imaging. The new version, which will become available in 2015, includes an updated user interface and additional reporting tools.

VolparaAnalytics consists of a centralized dashboard to aggregate and evaluate digital mammography and tomosynthesis metrics across patient populations, mammography systems, and operator performance. The latest version of the system offers expanded quality metrics, new temporal analysis tools, additional tools to analyze patient positioning and patient-dose, and time between study acquisitions. VolparaAnalytics also runs on top of VolparaDensity, a software tool that assesses density from digital mammography and tomosynthesis images to determine which women might benefit from additional screening.

“One key new feature of the latest version of VolparaAnalytics is temporal analysis reporting, which allows users to view key breast imaging metrics such as compression force, applied pressure, and mean glandular dose results over time to quickly identify inconsistencies that might have developed,” said Ralph Highnam, PhD, Volpara Solutions CEO and chief scientist. “By providing objective volumetric context, this provides actionable insight to help breast centers improve patient care and productivity.”

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