doctor_female_patient Nashua, N.H., based iCAD Inc. is featuring its latest solutions for advanced image analysis and workflow tools for the early identification of cancer at RSNA 2015. The company will showcase recent product advances including iReveal, an automated breast density assessment solution, PowerLook Advanced Mammography Platform, featuring the company’s flagship advanced cancer detection product, VeraLook colon polyp detection technology, and new tomosynthesis solutions, shown as works in progress at its booth #2529 of the South Hall.

The iReveal automated breast density solution is designed to standardize the assessment and reporting of breast density and assists radiologists in evaluating and scoring breast density to identify patients who may be at higher risk of developing breast cancer. With an appearance-based approach, iReveal uses an innovative technique that analyzes the structure, texture, and dispersion of the fibroglandular tissue in the breast, then calibrates the results to a density category corresponding to the BI-RADS breast density reporting system.

“The issue of breast density is rapidly emerging as a pivotal factor in the diagnosis of breast cancer, and  iReveal is another great example of our continued focus to detect cancer earlier, when it may be more easily treated,” said Ken Ferry, CEO of iCAD. “Currently, 24 states have adopted legislation that require patients to be notified of their breast density.  As these laws expand to other states and perhaps nationally, it is essential for radiologists to have access to superior technology that delivers rapid, automatic, and reproducible breast density assessment results.”

The PowerLook AMP solution delivers superior performance for accurate detection of breast cancer.  VeraLook automatically detects polyps in computed tomography colonography (CTC) images assisting in the interpretation of CTC exams. As a work in progress, iCAD will also be demonstrating tomosynthesis workflow tools to support cancer detection and increased reading efficiency.

“This has been an exciting year at iCAD where our focus on innovation and product development have delivered some important advances that will significantly improve cancer diagnosis and treatment in the years ahead,” Ferry added.