Available now, the TotalLook 8.0 system from iCAD Inc, Nashua, NH, is designed to aid women’s health care facilities that are making the transition from analog to digital mammography. The latest version of TotalLook enables comparative image review on a single digital review workstation.

TotalLook 8.0 combines a digitizer with a viewbox, allowing for the easiest possible comparison of analog priors with digital images. With powerful DICOM query and search capabilities to facilitate PACS and RIS integration, the system eliminates redundant patient data entry, minimizing errors and improving workflow.

Designed for optimal flexibility, TotalLook operates seamlessly with workstations from the leading manufacturers. Worklists can be filtered, so users see only the patient cases needed; both lossless and lossy image compression optimize file size, storage requirements, and processing speed.

TotalLook uses CIS technology instead of laser or CCD, resulting in a more economical, reliable, and low-maintenance solution. Processing time is 23 seconds per image; during off-hours, automated batch processing works to prevent daytime scheduling bottlenecks and to optimize resources.

The Spec Sheet

  1. 42.3 ?m spot size
  2. 0-4.4 optical density
  3. Up to 8k (12 lp/mm) resolution
  4. 16-bit grayscale depth
  5. 23-second processing time per image
  6. Patented CIS technology
  7. Robust DICOM query and search
  8. Compact console design

The Visible Difference

TotalLook boasts artifact-free digitizing, delivering the highest-resolution digitized images to meet the critical specifications required for effective comparison with priors. By eliminating the need to switch back and forth between a lightbox and a digital workstation, TotalLook makes it easier to detect the subtle year-to-year changes that could indicate breast cancer.