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Data-Compression Appliances from Storewiz

Online storage-compression solutions provider Storewiz Inc, San Jose, Calif, released its line of third-generation data-compression appliances. The STN-6000 family incorporates a multicore compression architecture, featuring state-of-the-art processors, more efficient algorithms, and an improved compression ratio. Designed for enterprise implementations, the STN-6000 line includes two products: the STN-6300, which is designed for department applications and archival/compliance; and the STN-6500, which is designed for enterprise business and technical applications, and eliminates the need for network reconfiguration. Other features include an improved data-compression ratio; architecture to support future storage-related developments and applications; management enhancements to ensure continuous access to data and minimize downtime; a read-cache algorithm to improve system response times by reducing the number of physical input/output requests read from storage; and improved maintainability. The STN-6300 and STN-6500 require no workflow changes, software agents, drivers, or configuration changes.

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Wall-Mounted, Retractable Workstations from Proximity

At HIMSS 2007, Proximity Systems Inc, Houston, introduced the CRM WorkStation (shown here) as well as wall-mounted, retractable workstations equipped with the Vertical Lift System from Ergotron Inc, St Paul, Minn. The CRM WorkStation features a mechanical arm to adjust the height of the work surface, extend it 4 feet from the base, and swivel it a full 180?. The workstation?s base cabinet holds the CPU, and the retractable work surface, which folds down, accommodates standard LCD monitors. Ergotron?s Vertical Lift System, designed for workstations used by multiple clinicians, features a patented counterbalance system without knobs that adjusts the height of the work surface along a 7- to 8-inch range of motion while maintaining the relative position of the monitor.

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ATX Power Supply from Magic Power

Magic Power Technology Inc, Sunnyvale, Calif, offers the MPM-842P, a 400-watt, medical-grade, certified, AC-DC power supply. The MPM-842P offers short-circuit, over-voltage, and thermal protection. Compliant with UL 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1, the MPM-842P meets EMI IEC 60601-1-2 Class B and operates over an input range from 90 to 246VAC. The power supply has a high current on its 12V rail and competitive densities without performance deratings from 0? to 50? Celsius. The MPM-842P also features active power factor correction (PFC) to meet the IEC 61000-3-2 and IEC 61000-3-3 class D harmonic and flicker standard, isolated groundings between primary and secondary to meet the separated extra-low voltage standard, and optional fan-speed control. It has received the CE Mark for the European Low Voltage Directive. Samples are available.

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Ultrasound Phantom from Fluke Biomedical

The 84-347 Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom from Fluke Biomedical, Cleveland, is designed to access resolution of masses of varying size, depth, and contrast. Usable on all diagnostic ultrasound machines, it allows user evaluation of gray-scale sensitivity with a range of transducer frequencies. The 84-347 works at continuous depths from 1 cm to 12 cm, to evaluate system-resolving power as a function of depth, size, and contrast. For training and quality assurance, the phantom also allows exploration of optimum system setup and performance for all levels of ultrasound applications and asset management. Its anechoic masses comply with the American College of Radiology?s accreditation program.

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