Service provider OneMedNet Corporation recently debuted its new BEAM Women’s Health Image Exchange service to coincide with October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness month. The tool allows for the quick and secure transfer of patient mammograms among imaging centers to allow for faster and more accurate readings.

It’s not uncommon for radiologists to require access to their patients’ previous mammograms in order to provide a correct diagnosis. The fact that women are increasingly diversifying their healthcare by seeking treatment or diagnoses from multiple providers complicates matters. “Today’s women lead mobile lifestyles. Routine mammograms are often performed at different radiology facilities from year to year. Many radiologists will not interpret a mammogram without priors,” said Bing Teng, OneMedNet President and CEO.  

Many imaging centers currently require laborious and time-consuming measures to transfer and receive patients’ records. The delay, sometimes as long as two weeks, can cause undue anxiety for patients and prevent a timely diagnosis in the event of a problem. BEAM transfers images in minutes upon receiving authorization from both parties. Inbound images are then consolidated with a patient’s record at the destination facility.

The system is designed to interface with any facility using a PACS (digital imaging archive) and to meet current HIPAA guidelines. Costs depend on a sliding scale related to usage volume. OneMedNet is offering introductory rates starting at $100 for a limited time.