MDsave, the healthcare services platform connecting providers, employers, and patients to transactable healthcare, has launched its annual campaign to reduce the cost of 2D and 3D screening mammograms. MDsave works with hospitals and imaging centers across the country in a collaborative effort to lower costs and make preventive care check-ups more affordable and accessible to all–whether insured or uninsured. 

Beginning October 1, patients can purchase a voucher for a screening mammogram at any participating hospital or imaging center, averaging $99 for 2D screenings and $149 for 3D screenings. The voucher is available to anyone concerned about out-of-pocket costs and remains valid for six months at most facilities. 

“At MDsave, we understand the importance of preventive care, and we are proud to offer patients the opportunity to take proactive steps in their health with our mammogram promotional campaign,” says Charlie Byrge, chief operating officer for MDsave. “By taking advantage of this campaign, patients can make sure they get the care they need at affordable prices.” 

“As a breast cancer survivor, I know firsthand that providing people with access to important preventive care like mammograms can save lives,” adds Pat Sherrod of the Edna B. and Joyce Fay Washington Breast Cancer Foundation. “We as an organization serve to support medically underserved and uninsured women. This campaign aligns with our goal to ensure no one is unable to receive care because of financial limitations, and we are happy to participate each year.” 

More than 90 hospitals and imaging centers are involved in MDsave’s campaign to make healthcare more accessible. Patients can buy procedures online or seek help from MDsave’s support team, which includes Spanish-speaking assistance.