A mobile mammography unit sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority is traveling the country in a bid to bring mammography services to uninsured women in underserved communities, according to ABC Local 24 News in Memphis.

“Cancer, I think, has affected almost everybody’s life, whether it’s you personally, a friend, a family member — somebody has cancer and to bring it a little closer, breast cancer,” said AKA International President Glenda Glover, PhD, JD, CPA.

AKA is trying to reach 100,000 women. Their different chapters will partner with local clinics, hospitals, even rural health centers to emphasize the need for black women to receive and get regular mammograms.

In the African American community and other minorities we don’t get the treatment.  We don’t look at the needs for mammograms until later on in the disease process, and at that point it’s too late,” said Dr. Glover.

International President and Memphis native Dr. Glenda Glover says over the past 112 years, the sorority has implemented several original and groundbreaking programs to improve the lives of women across the globe.

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