Laptop DiagnosticAt the recent Intensive Breast Ultrasound seminar in Arlington, Va, September 11-14, Ikonopedia showcased its Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) management system along with four new breast imaging reporting modules. The company has expanded its suite of report generation software tools to include screening MRI, diagnostic MRI, diagnostic ultrasound, and biopsy in addition to screening and diagnostic mammography.

“Ikonopedia was founded on the premise of developing breast imaging reporting tools that enable a new level of quality and productivity. Building on the success of the mammography reporting modules, the new MQSA management system and expanded suite of reporting packages enable users to report, notify, track, and remind all from one integrated system,” said Emily Crane, CEO of Ikonopedia.

Each reporting modality includes a reference library of context-specific images and educational materials drawn from the teaching files of the company’s founders: László Tabár, MD; Thomas Stavros, MD; and Michael Vendrell, MD.

Ikonopedia’s drag-and-drop lesion indicator is customized for each reporting module while maintaining consistent layout for efficiency. The reports are 100% compliant to BI-RADS language standards and current with the American College of Radiology’s BI-RADS Atlas fifth edition. Built-in metrics demonstrate a median reporting time of 33 seconds, and the system automatically eliminates many dictation-related errors such as inappropriate BI-RADS selection, incomplete reports, and wrong-side reporting.

In addition, the MQSA notification and follow-up system manages all patient tracking and communication, including letters, phone calls, and mail according to customized, user-defined protocols. Patient notification letters can be personalized with an individual’s BI-RADS category, breast density, exam type, and risk assessment score, while a filtering system appropriately contextualizes notifications to patients with dense breasts or a high-risk score.

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