woman heart 2At RSNA 2015, Gamma Medica Inc. recently showcased the LumaGEM molecular breast imaging system which features dual-head Digital Direct Conversion Gamma Imaging (DDCGI) technology that identifies tumors as small as 5 mm in dense breast tissue where mammography findings are inconclusive or negative.

The functional imaging modality highlights metabolic activity in the breast and detects tumors not visible on a mammogram due to tissue density.

A recent study conducted by Mayo Clinic, and published in two articles in the American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR) in 2015, determined that the addition of MBI, such as the LumaGEM MBI system, to an annual mammogram screening demonstrated a near 400 percent increase in invasive breast cancer detection rates, 50 percent reduction in biopsies, and a subsequent 15 percent lower cost per cancer detected than screening with mammography alone.

With over 90 percent sensitivity and specificity, LumaGEM MBI has been shown to significantly improve cancer detection in women with dense breast tissue and complicated mammograms with fewer false positives relative to anatomical imaging technologies, making it an ideal supplemental screening tool.