Radcal Gold Standard Multisensors Radcal will reveal the next generation of its non-invasive x-ray meters and multisensors Gold Standard line at the Radiological Society of North America’s meeting in Chicago next month. A third smaller than the previous generation, the Accu-Gold+ Multisensors come with increased dose and dose/rate ranges and contain their own calibration data, making them interchangeable with other Accu-Gold+ systems.

The new AGMS-DM+ acts as a dual radiographic, fluoroscopic, and mammography multisensor, covering the R/F range of 40-160 kV and the mammography range of 20-50 kV. The Rapid-Gold+ will be offered alongside Accu-Gold+ multisensors alongside the option of mA/mAs measurement. For more information, visit Radcal.