Reference markers are commonly used during mammograms. Usually consisting of round BBs or wires, they can help technologists mark areas of interest on the breast, e.g., moles, scars, masses, or nipples. However, these markers can also indent the skin, creating artifacts that make results questionable or confusing.

A new, flat maker from IZI Medical Products promises to eliminate questionable results while still providing useful reference points for technologists and radiologists. The Mammography Indicator Markers are available in pink radiolucent ink and radiopaque black ink.

The pink ink markers, which are available in circles (12mm), dots (3.17mm), and lines (3.3mm), appear radiolucent on a scan and do not obscure underlying pathology. The black ink markers are radiopaque on the scans and are available in crosses (3.17mm), dots (3.17mm), and lines (3.3mm). All of the markers have clear adhesive backing and double pull tabs for easy application, are lead free, and disposable.

(Source: Press Release)