First Warning Systems has changed its name to Cyrcadia Health, Inc in a nod to the company’s core product line of early detection breast cancer screening technologies that measure abnormal circadian cellular changes throughout the body. Following a boost of $1 million in angel donor funding, the company is focusing efforts to expand its wearable early alert system in the United States and abroad.

“With our most recent infusion of capital, we are able to take this unique technology into final clinical validation trials in the US starting in November,” said Rob Royea, president and CEO of Cyrcadia Health. “It is our intention to launch this product into South Asia and Europe in mid-2015 followed by the US after final FDA clinical clearance.”

Cyrcadia Health’s iTBra, a wearable, smart phone-enabled technology, involves placing a data collection device under a bra for 2 to 12 hours to gather information on the breast cells’ circadian rhythm-based temperature variances. The data is then analyzed for any abnormalities and the results transmitted via a smart device to a global cancer library and communicated to both patient and physician.

“We have historically raised $1.9 Million in seed monies for the launch of our upcoming technologies,” Royea said. “This additional $1 million investment prepares us well for our upcoming Series A goal of raising $10 million. This most recent important infusion also positions Cyrcadia Health to effectively launch its early breast cancer screening technology to address this disease worldwide.”

The company has partnered with Romesh Kaul, CEO of Advanced Medical Systems, Pte Ltd in Singapore, who helped secure funding by making introductions with a group of socially conscious angel investors. “Singapore adoption of advanced healthcare systems as a regional leader is well known,” said Kaul. “AMS will work with leading providers for early adoption of Cyrcadia wearable technology throughout the region.”

Nearly 300,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and approximately 40,000 die from the disease. With breast density posing a screening challenge for thousands of women, Royea believes the iTBra’s tissue-agnostic, radiation-free solution could help detect cancer earlier.

“While all countries have thousands of people suffering from this disease, breast cancer is an epidemic in evolving Asian countries,” said Royea. “We are greatly indebted to our Singapore investors for their foresight and commitment in addressing this serious challenge. With their and others support, our smart device enabled technology will allow a woman to simply wear our technology under her normal garments in the privacy of her own home as a monthly breast cancer screening solution.”

For more information, visit Cyrcadia Health.