nilreadRecently cleared for mammography applications in Canada and the European Union, the NilRead universal zero-footprint diagnostic viewer from Claron Technology was featured at the annual European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.

According to Claron, NilRead is the first zero-footprint mammography viewer cleared for sale in these regions.  The company has also submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration for NilRead mammography clearance.

Supporting both full field digital mammography studies and digital breast tomosynthesis, the NilRead universal viewer gives users access to high resolution diagnostic mammography images any time and any where. Like other viewers in the Nil family, the viewer runs from a remote location with server-side rendering, As a result, radiologists can compare prior exams from any institution with current images and evaluate mammograms remotely, without having to transfer ultra-large mammography files locally for image manipulation.

“Today, the volume of mammography exams worldwide is growing rapidly,” said Claudio Gatti, chief technical officer for visualization and founder of Claron.  “Given that, the ability to read studies with a diagnostic viewer from any location is a significant benefit.  Our new mammography support completes our offerings to cover both referral and primary image viewing for virtually every type of exam, from simple digital x-ray, CT and MRI 3D studies to the extremely data-intensive breast images.”

Enabling diagnostic reading on any device, including tablets, smartphones, laptops or desktops, NilRead supports viewing of all DICOM imaging modalities on single or multi-monitor configurations.  It also includes support for customizable hanging protocols, prior-current comparison, and extensive measurements, and advanced visualization features such as thin/thick slabs, MIP, volume rendering and PET/CT fusion.


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