Tollos, a medical device company based in Owings Mills, Md., has introduced the VECTOR Suspension System, designed to easily transfer lead apron weight away from the body. This system was created to provide a solution for caregivers enduring surgical fatigue, according to the company.

The Society of Interventional Radiology estimates that a 15-pound lead apron can exert a load of 300 pounds per square inch on the intervertebral discs. Following years of intensive research and feedback from caregivers and healthcare professionals, VECTOR requires no additional equipment, adapts to virtually any lead apron, and can be customized to the height and tension of the wearer’s vest via remote control.

VECTOR can be installed in the ceiling grid of procedure rooms and supports comprehensive radiation protection. Cables attached to VECTOR are fastened to the shoulder loops of the lead apron, and the “smart” device suspends the heavy apron, lifting the weight from the body. With 360-degree movement capabilities and a 7-foot radius, it can fluidly move with the physician around the room and even across the operating table.

“Tollos intimately understands the needs of patients and caregivers and remains focused on literally lightening the load to help reduce risk and fatigue,” says William Vogel, president and CEO. “The VECTOR Suspension System has been designed with clinicians’ needs in mind and we’re thrilled that it will play an important role in providing the very best care.”