A team of radiology marketing specialists has launched Radiology TV, a new subscription-based video content service exclusively for radiology providers.

“There has been an explosion in radiology services over the past two decades,” says Jim Koehler, CEO of Radiology TV. “In addition to constantly evolving diagnostic imaging services, many radiology providers now offer important health screenings, varicose vein treatments, and a number of minimally invasive interventional procedures to diagnose and treat conditions like peripheral artery disease, cancer, uterine fibroids, spine fractures, and more.”

Koehler says that the televisions within most imaging center waiting rooms are typically tuned to daytime television. “This is a missed opportunity, since the public—even those who visit imaging centers—are generally unaware of all the potentially life-saving and life-enhancing services that are available from radiologists,” he continues.

Called “RadTV” for short, Radiology TV is available for hospitals, health networks, independent diagnostic testing facilities, women’s centers, and other imaging providers seeking to educate and influence patients within their waiting rooms. Providers are able to choose from dozens of available videos to create their own customized “channel” for each location where they wish to have the service. Video content ranges from basic education (“How does an MRI work?” and “Myths About Breast Cancer Screening”) to patient testimonial videos, interventional radiology procedure educational videos, screening promotions, and more.

The simple to set up “plug-and-play” aspect of the service is made possible with Radiology TV’s exclusive RadTV Appliance, a device the size of a cell phone that simply plugs into the back of the waiting room television. The self-running software automatically begins running videos in a pre-prescribed order. The programming then repeats, exposing patients within the waiting room to various messages before they are called in for their test.

“We designed the RadTV appliance to be incredibly simple to set up,” says Nick Mastin, Radiology TV’s programming director. “No IT or audio/visual expertise is required. You really just plug it in, select the right input on the TV, and you’re up and running.”

Subscribers have the opportunity to refresh their content on a monthly basis, with newly available videos, existing videos owned by the practice and other content like custom videos. For example, a hospital subscribing to Radiology TV can use its own existing library of promotional videos (for other hospital services) within their RadTV channel programming. In addition, the Radiology TV service includes the creation of customized “Meet Our Doctors” physician profile videos that feature all of the radiologists and technologists of the practice.