Rad AI, a radiologist-led artificial intelligence (AI) company, has launched Rad AI Omni Reporting, its radiology reporting software. Omni Reporting is already being utilized by several radiology practices across the nation. The company plans to make Omni Reporting available commercially throughout the United States at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting.

“We are excited to introduce our Launch Day event for Omni Reporting, our innovative reporting software. On Sept. 27, 2023, we will present how our advancements in generative AI led to the development of a reporting solution tailored to radiologists’ needs,” says Jeff Chang, MD, co-founder of Rad AI and an emergency room radiologist. “As a company led by radiologists, we recognize the significance of AI solutions that streamline processes, mitigate fatigue, and significantly enhance our daily work experience.”

In 2020, Rad AI introduced Omni Impressions, utilizing advanced neural networks to generate personalized radiology report impressions from radiologists’ findings and clinical indications in the field of radiology. The software adapts to individual radiologists’ preferred language by learning from their past reports, generating an impression for the radiologist to review and finalize.

Addressing recommendations for follow-up care related to incidental findings in radiology reports, Rad AI Continuity ensures effective communication and completion of patient follow-up through AI-driven automation. This leads to improved patient outcomes, reduced healthcare system liability, and enhanced financial value for healthcare facilities and radiology practices.

Rad AI Nexus, a worklist incorporating AI capabilities, has been designed by radiologists to prioritize efficiency, minimize workflow disruptions, and enable AI-based case assignments. Nexus guarantees appropriate study assignments to radiologists, resulting in a 15% increase in productivity for practices using the system, according to Rad AI officials.

“Rad AI is in a unique position to revolutionize radiology reporting. Building on our pioneering introduction of large language models to radiology in 2018 with Rad AI Omni Impression, we are now extending our technology to various aspects of the radiology reporting workflow,” Rad AI CEO Doktor Gurson says. “By utilizing generative AI in innovative ways, we are enhancing the capabilities of radiologists and ushering in a new era of radiology reporting, ultimately benefiting both medical professionals and patients worldwide.”