Santa Fe Imaging (SFI), a diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology provider in northern New Mexico, has selected the eRad RIS to improve its operational workflow. eRad, a subsidiary of RadNet, provides web-based data management solutions.

SFI offers a range of services, including MRI, CT, ultrasound, bone densitometry, MRA, virtual colonoscopy, and interventional radiology. The practice originally aimed to complete the migration within 4 months to meet the deadline for Meaningful Use (MU) incentives. After completing eRad’s roadmap for MU attestation, SFI used the system to streamline its workflow.

“We’re reaping a lot of other benefits, especially in EMR integration,” said Ed Field, director of imaging services for SFI. “You need a lean, smart system to handle that. Our goal is to integrate ten practices in the next year, and eRAD makes that easy to do. We’ve already had seven offices contacting us about it, and we’re only three weeks in.”

As a result of the implementation, SFI has established a standardized workflow among its distributed sites, setting the stage for future growth and expansion. “We have opportunities that we couldn’t consider before because of our IT infrastructure. Now we are nimble enough to respond to an opportunity,” Field said. “In outpatient world, you lose deals if you don’t move quickly.”

Seth Koeppel, senior vice-president of sales for eRAD, added, “Many sites like SFI are finding that their existing RIS no longer meets their needs in this challenging and competitive market. We’re responding to that need and offering more than just a RIS. We offer a complete workflow solution.”

For more information, visit eRad.