The Carl T Hayden Phoenix VA Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz, has selected the Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) for structured reporting of vascular studies. The system provides web-based access to enable remote image review from any location, while the interoperability with existing systems is designed to facilitate an electronic workflow with increased speed and reduced errors.

The system’s user-configurable search package allows users to establish search criteria to extract data for research, accreditation, and management purposes. A modality worklist transfers patient demographics into the medical center’s imaging modalities and creates a list of scheduled patients to reduce manual data entry time.

In addition, DataLink interfaces import ultrasound study measurements into the Digisonics vascular report, while the DigiHL7 tool connects through the site’s VA VistA Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) for input orders and outgoing results. Digisonics Gateway software monitors network transmissions to achieve optimal connectivity. The Report Store-to-PACS automatically converts finalized reports to DICOM files for storage in VistA for future review.

For more information, visit Digisonics.