Meadville Medical Center, Meadville, Pa, has completed installation of the web-based Opal-RAD PACS from Viztek.

After exploring various systems, radiologists and IT staff agreed that the 235-bed hospital would benefit from the advanced infrastructure, software design, and clinical support tools of the web-based PACS.

The Opal-RAD PACS is available on virtually any device, including computers, smartphones, mobile, and tablet devices. It does not require dedicated workstations for different modalities, so chest x-rays and full field digital mammography (FFDM) exams can all be read from the same workstation.

With approximately 112,000 exams performed per year, Meadville’s radiology department needed a reliable PACS system that would provide an efficient workflow. Previously, the doctors needed to send an actual disc to different facilities for review. Now, with the use of web-based Opal-RAD, the exams can be viewed virtually anywhere and there are no licensing restrictions to run the program on multiple computers. 

The system’s design enabled the facility to have a smaller footprint, transitioning from 13 servers to just two.