Imaging Biometrics, LLC (IB), a subsidiary of Flying Brands Limited, and Medimsight, Ltd., have agreed to provide access to IB’s quantitative software solutions via the Medimsight platform.

Medimsight’s artificial intelligent (AI) marketplace is structured to readily integrate third-party applications, targets four main markets; clinical trials, PACS providers, medical researchers, and soon, teleradiology, according to the companies.

Along with being able to access a variety of proven imaging solutions from a single entry-point, Medimsight offers unlimited storage and free PACS service for those who use it in research, making it ideal for global collaborations and advancing healthcare innovation for diagnostics, as well as quantitative image analysis and biomarkers.

“We are very excited for the integration of IB’s solutions in Medimsight. IB is a recognized leader in MR perfusion and diffusion imaging and their applications dovetail perfectly with the overall mission of Medimsight,” says Javier González-Zabaleta, CEO of Medimsight.

Well known for their accuracy in neuro applications, specifically, brain tumors and stroke, IB also has whole-body applications that will be integrated within Medimsight.

“When coupled with Medimsight’s flexible, single point of access, IB’s automated and quantitative solutions will help clinicians save time and, more importantly, provide better care for their patients,” says Michael Schmainda, CEO of IB.