July 14, 2006—KLAS (Orem, Utah), a research and consulting firm specializing in monitoring the performance of healthcare information technology vendors, recently announced the availability of its Top 20 Mid-Year Report. The report, a summary of which is available online, displays scores from the past 13 months based on health provider ratings of PACS systems; users answered several dozen questions covering areas such as implementation, services, and upgrades.

The report names as PACS category leader DR Systems (San Diego, Calif), which scored at or near the top in most categories. One-hundred percent of health care facilities surveyed said they would buy another PACS system from DR Systems; 100% also said they would recommend DR Systems to others. Respondents also rated the company well in the “implementation within budget” category.

The leader for the cardiology PACS category is Agfa Heartlab Encompass CPACS, and the leader in cardiology reporting and documentation is Philips Calysto Cardiology Reporting. For radiology, the GE Centricity RIS-IC won the highest acclaim from users.

Other ranked categories include general market solutions, community hospital solutions, physician practice solutions, and professional services.

To purchase the full report, please visit KLAS’ website.

—Cat Vasko