Change Healthcare has launched a cloud-native PACS for clinical use, which is designed to provide radiologists with the ability to read images on demand.

Stratus Imaging PACS provides a seamless solution for radiology practices to read images from multiple hospitals on one platform, in any location. Proprietary streaming technology assures high performance and speed across different network conditions. An advantage of using the cloud-native solution is scalability and significantly reduced downtime for upgrades or maintenance, helping to keep security protection and functionality up to date.

Stratus Imaging PACS—the scalable, cloud-native platform—is now being used by StatRad, a teleradiology service, whose 90 radiologists read approximately 1.5 million studies a year and serve hundreds of hospitals across the United States.

“With the Stratus Imaging PACS system from Change Healthcare, the industry finally has a cloud solution that provides the performance that our radiologists demand,” says Claude Hooton, MBA, the president and chief executive officer of NucleusHealth, provider of the StatRad practice. “We have extremely tight requirements on timelines and speeds, and our radiologists will not tolerate anything but super-high performance. Stratus Imaging PACS provides that.These capabilities improve our radiologists’ productivity.”

Stratus Imaging PACS offers a cloud solution that is maintained by Change Healthcare and helps enhance the security of patient data by being certified to comply with HITRUST and SOC2 security standards. The Stratus Imaging PACS platform of solutions helps hospitals, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and radiology practices focus on patient care rather than IT.

“We continue to see improvements in our ability to bring unprecedented speed, new functionality, and focus to meet the needs of healthcare providers,” says Tracy Byers, senior vice president and general manager of enterprise imaging at Change Healthcare, of the launch of Stratus Imaging PACS in clinical use.