Carestream Health Inc. has a new “power viewer” for its PACS workstation on display at this week’s European Congress of Radiology convention in Austria.

According to the company, the solution promises to speed interpretation and reporting for routine exams and 3D imaging  studies where complex data sets need to be compared. As part of the company’s next generation of PACS, the enhancement offers automatic registration and volumetric matching of 3D studies created at different times and by different modalities directly within the viewer used by radiologists.

Delving beyond the functionality offered by integrated or native 3D capabilities, the product enables radiologists to directly and dynamically view image data in different planes without switching to other applications or workstations. Automatic registration among differing  studies permits radiologists to manipulate one data set in any spatial plane and the other data sets will automatically follow. Radiologists can use reference lines, swivel, rotate, relate and other tools within current and prior imaging studies. Advanced comparison includes volumetric analysis and different rendition types, such as MPR, MIP and others. 

This new viewer was demonstrated as part of Carestream Health’s newest RIS/PACS platform, a work in progress scheduled for worldwide availability in the second quarter of this year.