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Single-Modality PACS from AMS

American Medical Sales Inc (Hawthorne, Calif) offers PACS-1M, a true single-modality PACS and image-display solution. The system takes all of the key elements of a large PACS solution and packages them in a smaller size for practices with only one digital modality. Features include a diagnostic-quality workstation (with a host of standard and optional software tools), an image gateway (providing a central point for receiving and distributing images), an archiving system (that stores the equivalent of about 10,000 14- x 17-inch X-ray films), a backup system, and CD-burning capabilities. Optional features include Web and LAN licenses (for remote viewing within the facility), DICOM print, and MPR. PACS-1M comes with a 1-year hardware warranty as well as 60 days of telephone support.

Web: ? www.digitalams.com
Phone: (800) 423-3535

Custom CD/DVD Burner from BRIT

The Roentgen Burner?new from BRIT Systems (Dallas)?is a DICOM-compliant, automated solution for producing custom-labeled CDs and/or DVDs that contain medical images and the company’s image-viewing software, Radiology Workbench for Windows. The burner accepts studies from any DICOM device via DICOM Store and then creates the media; data is verified by the system while a specific and detailed order file?which contains information about the user, patient, modality, and images?is produced. This solution combines BRIT’s production server with one of several Rimage CD and/or DVD production systems, including Prot?g? II, Amigo II, Autostar II, and Endeaver.

Web: ? www.brit.com
Phone: (800) 230-PACS

Mini-PACS Service from NCD

NCD Medical Corp (Eastlake, Ohio) provides e-WIX, a Web-based mini-PACS that enables facilities to store, manage, and access DICOM data using an outsource service. Easily deployed, e-WIX does not require a capital investment and can cost less than $0.75 per study. NCD provides a gateway/storage server at no charge; it collects data from the DICOM-producing modalities. The data is stored on the server to provide local access, and it also is compressed and transferred to e-WIX hosting servers in Ohio for remote access and archiving. Older data is removed from the local server at preselected time intervals to make room for current data; however, it still is available via the Web. The service also can host document images, such as medical records, reports, accounting, HR documents, and the like.

Web: ? www.ncdmedical.com
Phone: (440) 953-4488

Web-Based RIS from NovaRad

NovaRIS is a new Web-based, open standards RIS from NovaRad Corp (American Fork, Utah) that generates reports, analyzes exams, measures profitability, and facilitates paperless management of patient records. The system also tracks exact reimbursement costs, which insurance companies paid for what, and which procedures are making or losing money. NovaRIS even can track the productivity of individual radiology techs. Featuring voice recognition and transcription, the system also contains specialized worklists and interfaces for radiologists, technologists, transcriptionists, administrative assistants, and billing specialists. Additional NovaRIS features include scheduling, auto fax and e-mail, HIPAA logging, HL7 interfaces, electronic signatures for radiologists, audit trail, and seamless integration with NovaPACS or other third-party PACS or HIS.

Web: ? www.novapacs.com
Phone: (877) 668-2723

19-Inch Color Monitor from Sony

With a diagonal viewable area measuring 19.1 inches, the LMD-1950MD LCD monitor from Sony Electronics Inc (Park Ridge, NJ) features a 1280 x 1024 panel with 700-plus lines of video resolution for detailed images. The display incorporates a 10-bit digital signal processing that provides accurate color reproduction and consistent color temperature throughout the gray scale. Sony has incorporated its X-Algorithm technology into the 1950MD, which combines the pixels above, below, and in the diagonal direction of the moving image, and then inserts a natural pixel to create absent lines. This process results in a smooth image reproduction for both moving and static images. The monitor features a 5:4 aspect ratio, a 600:1 contrast ratio, and user-memory functions.

Web: ? www.sony.com/medical
Phone: (800) 686-SONY

Study Management and Archiving Service from SunGard

SunGard Availability Services (Wayne, Pa) now offers its Service for Medical Images (SMI), a study management service to store and access digital radiological images from a secure SunGard archive. The archiving and retrieval offered through the SMI is DICOM- and PACS-compatible as well as available online 24/7 via a highly secure storage facility. SMI comprises two solutions that can be tailored to customer requirements: the standard online archiving service, and the archive and image-retrieval service. Also, the solution uses InDex Archive from InSiteOne Inc (Wallingford, Conn) as part of its software and architecture.

Web: ? www.availability.sungard.com
Phone: (800) 523-4970

Portable Quick Reference Guide from USBMIS

Now available for Palm and Pocket PC platforms is the Medical Imaging Consultant , PDA Edition, from USBMIS Inc (Gainesville, Fla). Designed for all physicians, residents, and fellows who order diagnostic imaging studies, the solution provides quick access to extensive information about imaging studies. Based on the Medical Imaging Consultant , Print Edition?authored by William W. Orrison, Jr, MD, MBA?the content includes current information on more than 350 clinical conditions within all body systems. Other features include data on the diagnostic procedure and the clinical benefit, CPT codes, Medicare reimbursement information, radiation in chest X-ray equivalents, overall risk factors, pediatric and adult sections, and an easy search index. A 12-month subscription provides automatic content and application updates. For a 20% rebate from the purchase of Medical Imaging Consultant , PDA Edition, visit USBMIS online and purchase the product for full price. Then, e-mail with your account login name and rebate code 4THD836RN38D.

Web: ? www.usbmis.com
Phone: (352) 371-2647

Renterprise RIS Solution from XIMIS

New from XIMIS Inc (El Paso, Tex) is XIRIS 6.0 Enterprise-for eXtended Internet Radiology Information System. The latest version offers a host of new features, including Time Matrix, which allows facilities to track an exam graphically, showing the time spent throughout each process of the patient’s exam as well as the time remaining for report distribution; XIRIS Enterprise Teleradiology, which enables easier management of information and better control of exams; and MyXIRIS, which reduces the front-office workload by allowing patients to schedule their own exams and update their personal information via the Web. Another new feature, DigiForms, enables facilities to slowly transform into paperless environments by converting their regular forms into digital forms.

Web: ? www.ximis.com
Phone: (877) 44-XIRIS

Biopsy Protection Device from XrayRadiology.com

The Breast Biopsy Guard from XrayRadiology.com (Baltimore) is a specially molded plastic cover that increases protection of the needle during needle localizations. Hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive tabs?which are completely latex free?can be applied easily, and their foam cushioning increase patient comfort. They also can be securely attached to curved body surfaces. Nonsterile, disposable, and convenient, the guards are translucent so that the needle is always visible. Available in 4- and 3-inch sizes, the Breast Biopsy Guards come in packs of 10.

Web: ? www.xrayradiology.com
Phone: (443) 854-3753