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Head and Extremity 3T MRI Coils from MR Instruments

MR Instruments Inc (Minneapolis) offers the Cheetah Coils, a line of transverse electromagnetic (TEM), transmit/receive, 15-element tuned array head and extremity coils for 3T MRI. Using proprietary inductively coupled elements (ICE) technology, the Cheetah Coils enable physicians to perform more demanding MR applications. Like their namesake, the coils are fast-using multiple elements around the coil delivers greater coverage in less time. The coils also are agile and can perform more types of applications and accommodate a wider range of patients. Additionally, the coils employ patented technology that uses RF energy more efficiently than conventional coils.

Web: ? www.cheetahcoils.com
Phone: (866) 672-6457

CD/DVD Image-Recording System from ODS Medical

ODS Medical (Mendota Heights, Minn) has upgraded its PACScomm image-recording system in v.2.3 of the product. First, with the addition of 400 gigabytes of storage positions, PACScomm is a complete mini-PACS archive with offline archive management. The upgrade also adds the ability to span studies across multiple pieces of media, supporting both CD and DVD spanning. Additionally, the new release adds support of DICOM-structured reports, enabling users to include reports to the recorded CD content. Other new features include email support, departmentalization, enhanced DICOM connectivity configurability, output recording, and mixed-media support.

Web: ? www.odsmedical.com
Phone: (800) 622-8732

Electronic Forms Software Solution from PACSGEAR

PacsSCAN Form, a new software solution from PACSGEAR (Pleasanton, Calif), allows users to fill out any form electronically and view it along with patient images on any PACS workstation. The software has the ability to import and customize any existing form by defining pull-down menus, text areas, check boxes, and auto-fill fields with data directly from the RIS. Users also can draw freehand using any standard PC or handheld tablet. PacsSCAN Form is built on PACSGEAR’s PacsSCAN product, which is installed on more than 300 PACS solutions in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Web: ? www.pacsgear.com
Phone: (925) 416-9600

Speech-Recognition and Digital-Dictation System from Philips Speech Recognition Systems

Philips Speech Recognition Systems (Atlanta) has enhanced its SpeechMagic platform by enabling adequate speech recognition in Citrix environments. The product now supports 23 recognition languages and provides a portfolio of more than 150 recognition vocabularies for medical, legal, governmental, and financial sectors. The deployment of speech-recognition and digital-dictation from Citrix servers will enable the centralization of IT administration. Also, by adding bidirectional audio capabilities, Citrix has enabled the digital recordings to be uploaded, and Philips’ real-time speech-recognition channel improves the usability of dictation hardware.

Web: ? www.philips.com/speechrecognition
Phone: (888) SPEAK-50

Book for Transitioning Healthcare Professionals into Leaders from Radcliffe Publishing

Mindi K. McKenna, PhD, MBA, and Perry A. Pugno, MD, MPH, CPE, have collaborated to create a practical guide for helping healthcare professionals more effectively find fulfillment in their profession while leading their peers and patients. Physicians As Leaders: Who, How, & Why Now? provides concise direction on how to communicate more clearly, build strong relationships with colleagues and patients, increase patient outcomes, and invigorate a sense of passion and purpose within a physician role. Self-assessment quizzes, practical tips, reflection questions, and other exercises are included for a hands-on approach to incorporating insights into daily clinical work. The authors also have implemented the expertise and personal experiences from dozens of the nation’s leading physicians. (For more on today’s top physicians in radiology and its subfields?as chosen by the readers of Medical Imaging?don’t miss our cover story.

Web: ? www.radcliffe-oxford.com
Phone: (410) 349-4685