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Cardiovascular Ultrasound System from Biosound Esaote

Biosound Esaote (Indianapolis) has released the MyLab 50, an ultrasound system geared toward the cardiovascular laboratory that offers such features as integrated contrast acquisition, tissue-velocity mapping, and high-resolution multi-plane TE imaging. The MyLab 50 is ideal for practices that do not require portability but need premium performance. The system is still relatively small, however, and ergonomic, according to the company.

Web: ? www.biosound.com
Phone: (800) 428-4374

DICOM Image-Distribution and Viewing Solution from ETIAM

ETIAM (Gladwyne, Pa) has released an extension to its DICOM LiteBox viewer that integrates with DICOM portable archiving systems and other offline media-distribution appliances. The latest release includes further annotation tools, an extended MPR function, and enhanced measurement options. The system also provides an intuitive visual interface and support for hanging protocols.

Web: ? www.etiam.com
Phone: (305) 938-7507

Patient-Positioning Products from Fluke

The Radiation Management Services division of Fluke Biomedical (Cleveland) has expanded its Halcyon product line to include additional patient-positioning products. The Halcyon Cantilever Board (shown here) allows for 360? treatment with minimal attenuation. The adjustable carbon fiber Halcyon Talon shoulder-depression system is designed to increase setup repeatability and reduce patient motion without requiring a large sheet of thermoplastic covering the shoulders. Other new additions include the Prone Face Position Set as well as foam and clear plastic Head Supports.

Web: ? www.flukebiomedical.com/rms
Phone: (440) 248-9300

PACS Accessories from Medima

Medima Solutions (Leiden, The Netherlands) has released two products designed to work with all existing PACS solutions and provide benefits in workflow. PACSScanner is a document-scanning solution that scans and stores any paper documents-such as imaging orders, insurance cards, lab reports, and hand-written notes-as a series of images within the existing PACS. And PACSPrinter offers the ability to store computer-generated documents with the previously archived images in the PACS. For example, users can send a Microsoft Word document to the PACS instead of printing it.

Web: ? www.medima.nl
Phone: +31-715-122-610

Radiation Oncology and Radiology Billing Service from RadMax

RadMax Ltd (Tyler, Tex) has launched comprehensive AR- management services for radiation oncology and radiology with the goal of being a one-stop source for billing, coding, and AR-management needs. The company uses such solutions as automated payment posting and front-end code scrubbers to save time and make the billing process more efficient. Also, RadMax has a “fair pricing system” through which clients pay a percentage of the actual money collected, not of the total charges billed.

Web: ? www.radmaxonline.com
Phone: (877) 839-9517

Scalable Online PACS from Rogan-Delft

New from Rogan-Delft (Vendendaal, The Netherlands) is the scalable Online XS PACS, which is based on redundant array of inexpensive servers (RAIS) technology. This scalable archive enables customers to start with a mini-PACS and grow when needed. Features include the Everything-On-Line solution, which stores information in an uncompressed format so that no prefetching of older studies is needed.

Web: ? www.rogan-delft.com
Phone: +31-318-583-150